Surgical Orthodontics

name: Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is orthodontic treatment (braces) combined with jaw surgery.

Surgical orthodontic treatment can help people speak, breathe and chew better, and can improve their facial appearance.

With surgical orthodontics, the braces straighten the teeth, while surgery moves the jaws to their ideal positions, ensuring correct jaw relationships. Surgical orthodontics is for those who have large differences between the size and shape of their upper and lower jaws. The surgery part of surgical orthodontics takes place after the jaws are no longer growing - usually 16 years old for girls and 18 years old for boys - while the braces treatment can usually begin 1 to 2 years prior.

Jaw surgery is performed in a hospital setting by an oral surgeon, and usually takes several hours. People can return to work or school 1 to 2 weeks after jaw surgery. The orthodontist begins 'fine-tuning' your bite starting about 4 - 8 weeks after surgery, and the braces are typically removed within 6 months.

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