About Orthodontics

For many people, an orthodontist is a dental specialist who straightens teeth. While this is certainly part of what an orthodontist does, there are many other benefits of orthodontic treatment. As an orthodontic team, we can:

  • position teeth within your face to create a beautiful smile that works best with your individual facial features
  • help guide jaw growth, to create jaws that are compatible in their size and shape
  • work with your family dentist to guide permanent teeth as they come into place within the jaws
  • work with oral surgeons to fix upper and lower jaws that don't fit together because they are too large or small

We work with our patients to provide them with a result that we'll both be happy with. Together we can decide what is the best treatment for each individual patient. For some people this will be braces alone, for others it may be braces with growth modification or jaw surgery, while for many patients the best treatment may be an esthetic appliance like Invisalign.

If you are interested in finding out more about which orthodontic treatment is right for you, please contact reception and a consultation can be arranged.

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