Initial Visit

New Patients

Initial Visit

We value people’s time and strive to provide as much information at the initial visit as possible. For your first visit to our office, please have a medical history form completed for yourself or your child before you arrive:

For Adults Medical History Form - For Adults

For Children Medical History Form - For Children

Clinical photographs and x-rays will then be taken, as they provide the necessary information for the orthodontist to be able to diagnose your case.

Dr. Jeannotte will work through the x-rays and photographs with you, describing the orthodontic problems and developing an appropriate treatment plan. Based on the age of the patient, Dr. Jeannotte may recommend treatment, or he may recommend regular recall appointments to monitor a child’s growth and development. Not everyone needs orthodontic treatment, but it’s always a good idea to have periodic checks during the critical developmental years.

If treatment is recommended at the initial visit, our office can give you the cost and expected length of treatment. Orthodontics can truly change people’s lives, and we would love to be your orthodontic treatment provider! 

New Patients

Please complete a medical history form and bring it to your first appointment:

For Adults For Children

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