Financial Information

Financial Information

While the cost of most health care procedures has increased significantly in recent years, the cost of orthodontic treatment has never been more affordable. Technological advances in the way we move teeth allow the orthodontist to produce a functional bite and beautiful smile more efficiently and comfortably than ever before, while keeping the costs down for the patient.

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in both the dental health and overall health of our patients, and we will work with you to ensure you can afford this investment. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to a beautiful smile, so we are flexible in providing the following payment options:

  • Initial Payment Plan
  • Prepayment Discount
  • Family Courtesy

Initial Payment Plan

For most patients, this is the preferred option. An initial down-payment is made at the start of treatment, often approximately 25% of the total fee. The remaining fee is financed interest-free, and paid in equal monthly payments for the expected length of treatment. A lower initial payment with higher monthly payments can be offered in some circumstances. Please tell us what works best for you and we will try our best to accommodate! Payment can be by cheque, debit or credit card. Our office accepts both Visa and Mastercard.

Prepayment Discount

Patients undergoing comprehensive (full) orthodontic treatment receive a 5% discount if the total fee is paid at start of treatment.

Family Courtesy

The second member of a family to undergo full orthodontic treatment in our clinic is offered a 5% discount on their treatment fee; the fee reduction also applies to the third family member and beyond. Please note that the fee for each individual patient can vary with the expected treatment duration and treatment difficulty. 

New Patients

Please complete a medical history form and bring it to your first appointment:

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